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National Park Service Hopes to Manage Camp Amache, But Questions Linger

Prowers Journal

The National Park Service recently offered to manage Camp Amache in Southeast Colorado. But the site’s trustees in Granada are still weighing the variables they expect to encounter with the deal, reports The Prowers Journal.

Camp Amache is a former internment camp that was used to incarcerate approximately 7,500 Japanese-Americans shortly after World War Two. The location has been listed as a National Historic Landmark. Yet little remains of the original camp. There is also a small museum depicting life at Camp Amache during the war on Highway 50 in Granada.

The trustees admit that the National Park Service sale could mean a higher level of interest for visitors with the NPS. However, they have some concerns about how the transfer would impact the community. The trustees have formulated a list of questions for Park Service representatives, and an appointment with the federal agency has been set.