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Fall Foliage Viewing Opportunities in Colorado

RJ Sangosti
The Denver Post

Autumn is just around the corner andthe Denver Post has published a list of perfect drives for seeing Colorado’s beautiful fall colors. Rocky Mountain State Park provides an added bonus in addition to its breathtaking leaves. Elk herds can be seen congregating in the meadows during the fall, with bulls emitting their high-pitched bugle call.

Another option: just west of Buena Vista, the road up Cottonwood Pass offers brilliant golden leaves each fall. While you’re at it, have a soak at nearby Cottonwood Hot Springs.

And then there’s the Kebler Pass, which winds west from Crested Butte past roaring creeks and jaw-dropping mountain landscapes.

Another good drive is along Independence Pass, a Colorado classic. The twisty route follows Colorado 82 through Twin Lake, giving riders a view of autumn in all its glory.