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Farming Community Responds to Tragedy by Doing What Farmers Do Best: Bringing in the Harvest

Tara Henry
Fox 8 Cleveland

This holiday, a story about farmers in Indiana responding to tragedy with compassion and resilience.

Earlier this month Indiana farmer Steve Wollyung experienced an unspeakable loss when his four-year-old daughter died. On top of the heartbreak, there was no way Wollyung was going to harvest his crop in time.

A longtime family friend heard about the tragedy, and asked a couple of local farmers for help.

As WJW reports, the community turned out in force for the Wollyungs. By ten am there were 60 people at the farm ready to help, bringing along combines, semis and grain carts. Neighbors who couldn’t help with the harvest offered sandwiches, soup, and drinks. By 5 pm the community had harvested almost 19 thousand bushels of grain.

Family friend Tara Henry said she was sad the effort came after such a tragedy. But, she added, “It just shows how much everyone values Steve, and how close this community is.”