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Open Range This Week

"Open Range" this week features two great Ry Cooder-produced cuts: Buena Vista Social Club's "Chan Chan" and "I'll Be Rested" from the great Mavis Staples. Also, new music from Johnnie Lang and London Grammar. As an added bonus, local poet Ms. G. Dunbar will be reading from her work.

Here are the poems: 


The day is fantastic
especially when the day
is the day after
the night before,
when the night
before was spent
with you.
                                     -Ms. G. Dunbar

Obiter Dictum

I want to part with music,
and separate from the others.
Live on my own isolated island,
then name it Obiter Dictum Cove.
It shows no long lasting beauty,
nor is life found there;
but I would prosper in ways
that only passing comments could understand.
I want to part with music:
for it has too much
meaning in stretched out short time.
A definite barrier to be forgotten.
I’ll come in contact with others
but only in the passing;
for I am on this island
that only directed in my mind.
                                                                 -Ms. G. Dunbar


As the host of Open Range, Steve Johnson brings a lifetime of hearing and performing a wide variety of music to this unique program. Growing up in a home where everything from opera to Bill Evans and the Beatles were heard and embraced, he studied piano in college where he became passionate about free-form radio where you might hear everything from punk rock to classic country or jazz in the course of a few hours. Open Range is your invitation to an hour of radio unleashed- presented with heart and humor. All you need for this adventure is an open mind and open ears.