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TUNED IN: HPPR Honored For Supporting The Arts


High Plains Public Radio was recognized for its coverage of the arts by the Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council Golden Nail Awards Arts Committee at the Derrick Event Center in downtown Amarillo Thursday night.

The Golden Nail Awards “honor local and area individuals, businesses and foundations who provide financial or in-kind support or volunteer in the fine arts,” according to promotional literature.


HPPR’s 2019 Golden Nail salutes our relentless support and promotion of the arts. High Plains Morning host Jenny Inzerillo works tirelessly to keep listeners informed of arts-related events across the High Plains, including in-studio interviews and live performances.


Our Living Room Concert series brings live music to the region. And let’s not forget HPPR’s 2018 live radio theater performance of “A Christmas Carol.”


https://youtu.be/DPSUaTgCsyE">The staff of HPPR is proud of this recognition. The work of promoting the arts is baked into the public service mission of High Plains Public Radio.


DC3/HPPR Project Culminates With Check Presentation

(Reprinted from Dodge City Community College press release)

Dodge City Community College administrators and trustees, officials from the Mariah Fund, and representatives of High Plains Public Radio met April 10 at the KONQ studios to kick off a project long in the making.


DC3 partnered with HPPR to bring NPR and other network programming to the college’s 91.9 FM radio signal late last year.


Mariah Fund money paid for the satellite dish to receive the network signal, as well as installation of a new translator provided by HPPR.


Mariah Fund President and CEO Jeff Thorpe was on hand to finish out the grant by presenting a check to furnish a new antenna for the station.


The original KONQ antenna was in poor shape, according to Kathy Holt, Strategic Projects Coordinator for HPPR. The new antenna will improve signal clarity and give a small boost to the station’s range.


Thorpe said that in addition to traditional grant activity, Mariah Fund is increasingly called on to help develop mutually beneficial partnerships. He said the partnerships produce effective outcomes and allow grant money to go further.


“It leverages others,’ Thorpe said, “and sometimes it brings in other parties with other strengths. And sometimes you make new friends like we’re doing here today.”


“We had to overcome some challenges but there’s a lot of synergy on this,” said Dr. Harold Nolte, DC3 president. “After developing a lot of good relationships, this is going to turn out to be a very good thing for our community.”


While the Mariah Fund primarily backs tourism activities, supporting the area’s cultural heritage plays an important role in the foundation’s mission.





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HPPR’s Living Room Concert series brings live music to the High Plains. Check out the schedule here.


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