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Linda Allen

Linda Allen

HPPR Radio Readers Book Club Contributor

Linda Allen, transplanted from eastern Oregon to the Texas Panhandle is a devoted dachshund mom, a retired psychotherapist and an Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga. Between dog walks and hikes at Palo Duro Canyon Linda enjoys reading, traveling and volunteering.

  • This is Linda Allen in Amarillo, Tx reading and writing about Lucas Bessire’s 2021 book “Running Out - In Search of Water on the High Plains”. Bessire’s treatise on the depletion of the Ogallala aquifer was a finalist for the National Book Award and named Book of the Year in 2022 by the Center for the Study of the American West at West Texas A & M University.
  • When I saw the selections for the Radio Readers Fall read I was so intrigued by the idea of donkey racing that I read the last book first! “Running with Sherman” by Christopher McDougall just sounded like a book I’d enjoy and its 340 pages didn’t disappoint.
  • Richard Powers has given readers another forceful novel titled Bewilderment. Written during the height of the Covid pandemic and published in 2021, this book joins the pantheon of art produced during the lockdown, stay home early years of the virus that changed the world.
  • Robin Wall Kimmerer has given readers gift after gift in her 2013 book “Braiding Sweetgrass”. I first read it in 2016 after reading a review by a staff member of an outdoor gear company. I’ve gone on to recommend it many times in the years since and have enjoyed every word the second time through.
  • This is Linda Allen in Amarillo. For my latest contribution to the Radio Readers book discussion I read "The Wandering Falcon" by Jamil Ahmad. Written in the early 1970s, he book was finally published in 2011 by which time the author was 79 years old.