Abbott calls special Texas session to deal with unfinished “bathroom bill” business

Jun 12, 2017

Gov. Greg Abbott
Credit Marjorie Kamys Cotera / Texas Tribune

After waiting almost two weeks to answer the question of whether he would call Texas lawmakers back to Austin for a special session to tackle the controversial bathroom bill, Governor Greg Abbott announced on Sunday that he would indeed call a special session.

As The Texas Tribune reports, Abbott expects Texas Legislators back in the capital in mid-July.

Alongside the so-called “bathroom bill,” Abbott expects lawmakers to tackle a hefty agenda of 20 additional items.

While the Legislature did manage to pass a budget, along with the legally fraught “sanctuary cities” law, there were many items that were simply not resolved during the regular session. These include neglected must-pass items, which could jeopardize several state agencies.

Legislators will have 30 days to try and reach a consensus on these issues.