After Returning to Texas, Ted Cruz Defends His Health-Care Stance

Jul 10, 2017

Credit jbouie / Flickr Creative Commons

In 2012 Ted Cruz was elected to the U.S. Senate from Texas, largely on a platform of demolishing the newly enacted Affordable Care Act.

Five years later, Cruz is doing his level best to fulfill that promise, despite the fact that the political landscape has shifted beneath his feet.

Recent polls reveal that a majority of Americans now support Obamacare, and the GOP’s attempts to repeal the law have been met with resistance from constituents who have found the law to be beneficial.

Nevertheless, Cruz has made national headlines in recent weeks with his attempts to push the Senate’s new health-care proposal in a more conservative direction.

And now, as The Texas Tribune reports, Cruz spent his break from the Senate last week traveling across Texas promoting his health care ideas. The Senator scheduled town halls in several cities across the Lone Star State, but paid no visits to the Panhandle.

Upon his return to Washington on Monday, Cruz was greeted by protestors inside his D.C. offices, many of whom were arrested.