Brewers in Oklahoma Excited About New Liquor Law

Aug 18, 2016

Credit Quinn Dombrowski / Flickr Creative Commons

A new Oklahoma liquor law is set to take effect in a little over a week. And, as KOKI reports, Oklahoma craft beer brewers are making final preparations for the shift.

Starting August 26, brewers will be allowed to sell more types of beer on the site where they brew it. The brewers praised the change, saying the law will help them sell more product. Previously craft brewers were only allowed to sell beer with a low alcohol content at the brewery location. Now they’ll be able to sell high-point products at their breweries.

Brewers have fought for more than eight years to get the law changed. They complained that the old laws hindered their business. Still, one legal question remains. The new law doesn’t regulate the filling of large refillable glass beer containers, or growlers. Brewers are wondering if they’re allowed to fill the jugs with high-point beer and sell them.