Fantastic News for Coffee Lovers

Jan 21, 2016

Credit Daily Beast

There’s good news for coffee lovers, according to The Daily Beast’s “Daily Burn” column. Science has been going back and forth for centuries about whether coffee is good for you. Back in the 1500s, java was even blamed for promiscuous behavior. But now, new research published in the journal Circulation indicates that drinking as many as five cups of coffee a day could be good for you.

The study examined the habits of 200,000 people over a long period of time. Researchers found that drinking one to five cups of coffee per day was associated with fewer incidences of death from cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases and suicide. Coffee consumption had no impact on the number of cancer deaths.

The Circulation study also found that drinking more than five cups per day wasn’t linked to increased mortality, either. And decaf coffee offers the same health benefits as regular, according to researchers