THIS FRIDAY, HPPR Celebrates One Year of "Little Spouse on the Prairie"

Oct 24, 2018

Thanks so much to Valerie Brown-Kuchera of HPPR's Little Spouse on the Prairie for her thoughts after a FULL YEAR of writing and producing her regional feature for HPPR. Plus, she was just awarded Honorable Mention from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters!  

Celebrate this milestone with Valerie and Joel THIS FRIDAY NIGHT  at HPPR Studios in downtown Garden City (210 N. 7th)! There will be snacks, live music from Valarie Smith & Ron Rohlf, as well as readings from the Little Spouse on the Prairie. 

Plus, we'll be launching our new HPPR WINE CLUB  through One Hope Wines with Lissa Sexon. Find out more, sample the wine, and meet Lissa.  Please spread the word, and we'll see you there!

Follow Valerie Brown-Kuchera on Facebook or Twitter for updates. To hear my interview with the Little Spouse on the Prairie, click the link below.