Growing on the High Plains: New Gardens For a New Year

Dec 29, 2016

Credit Pixabay

One can’t help but reflect on the past when planning for the future.

On today’s edition of Growing on the High Plains, I will share my gardening plans for the new year; plans that require me to cut back on some long-lasting loves to make room for some new ones. From making room for green asparagus spears, to pruning back fruit production, the upcoming new year is all about simplification.

While keeping in mind my animal friends at Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City that I share my melon harvest with each year, I will talk about my plans to use part of the melon patch for colorful flowers. All the while, I will reassure the spirit of my Kentucky grandmother by showing her that the new layout is not going against any of the lessons she taught me about growing things, and I will keep her memory alive by restlessly awaiting spring... as she always did.