How Nutritious Are Eggs?

May 13, 2016

Credit Creative Commons

Eggs are a big part of many American’s diets. And evidence shows that, for the most part, eggs have high nutritional value. Just how good for you are eggs? There’s no question they’re the gold standard when it comes to protein, says the Salina Journal. Research shows a deficiency in protein can hinder your ability to produce antibodies. And high-protein breakfasts may be especially helpful in weight loss because they control appetite.

The amino acids in eggs can also stimulate the immune system. However, eggs are also chock full of cholesterol. Heart disease risk increases among men and women with diabetes who eat one or more eggs a day. Doctors therefore suggest that those at risk for heart disease and diabetes eat no more than three eggs per week.

But for other folks, eggs—and egg yolks—can promote health. Eating whole eggs may even increase the good cholesterol that protects the heart.