A Kansas Elementary School Celebrates Agriculture

Oct 12, 2016

Credit James M. Dobson / Garden City Telegram

Last Friday Abe Hubert Elementary School in Garden City hosted its first Ag Day. As reported in The Garden City Telegram, the event had several activities based around a common theme: agriculture. The idea behind Abe Hubert’s Ag Day is simple: Elementary school students in the High Plains region should be taught early about the importance of agriculture to their communities and their livelihoods.

Denna Welch-Haney is a science teacher at Abe Hubert. She says students need to know that agriculture is more than just growing crops. “You look at the implement, and the mechanic, technology, and computer science that goes into that—those are all careers in agriculture,” she added. Welch-Haney said she hopes this first Ag Day is the beginning of a new yearly tradition at her school. Cesar Morales, a third-grader at Abe Hubert who was wearing a fake mustache to go along with the school’s Western Day theme, said his favorite part of Ag Day was learning about the animals.