This Labor Day Weekend: Corn, Dogs Don't Mix

Aug 30, 2019

During Labor Day celebrations, the Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine wants dog owners to be vigilant of one tempting food left sitting on the table or grill.

Corn on the cob is a summer favorite, but for dogs it can be deadly. Susan Nelson, a veterinarian and professor at Kansas State University says dogs are attracted to the cob. 

Nelson says dogs like chewing on the cob and some try - and some successfully - to swallow the cob whole. When that happens, canines need abdominal surgery to remove the food.   

But even with surgery, Nelson warns dogs that swallow cobs can die. So if your pet sneaks a corncob, she says to take it away. 

Nelson suggests keeping corn on the cob in sealed containers. 

If your dog ingests a corncob it may begin dry heaving, vomiting, straining to have a bowel movement or may have diarrhea. Nelson says a dog with these symptoms should be taken to a vet immediately.