Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Launches State Rebranding Effort

Jul 8, 2019

Oklahoma has launched an effort to rebrand itself, reports The Oklahoman.

The plan includes yet another attempt to create new license plates for the state, as well as a new slogan. Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell, who is leading the effort, wants to get rid of the widely criticized scissor-tailed flycatcher license plates unveiled by Gov. Mary Fallin three years ago.

Pinnell would also like to scratch Oklahoma’s longtime unofficial slogan, “Oklahoma is OK.”

“You have to define who you are before your opponent does,” the Lt. Governor said. “And there’s 49 other states that are competing for the same jobs and same tourism dollars.”

Pinnell is working with Oklahoma City marketing firm Saxum, and he plans to gather the state’s branding experts for an August summit devoted to rebranding the Sooner State.