Open Range - live this week!

Jul 17, 2013

This week I'll be hosting "Open Range" live with Cindee Talley as part of our Summer Mini-Drive. I can't give you a playlist this time, beacuse Cindee and I  rather enjoy surprising each other! One of the reasons I love doing this show is that it not only allows, but welcomes surprises. 

Open Range this week

During this time of showing support for HPPR, I'd like to thank all of the adventurous listeners who've joined me for the journey every week ...and to welcome new listeners as well. As for the Midnight airing, we'll hear "There It Is," an encore presentation of an episode originally aired 9/29/12. It features music from the Doves, Janiva Magness, the Louvin Brothers, India Arie among others...and we'll dance the "Masochism Tango" with that subversive charmer, Tom Lehrer!