Rural SW Kansas Teen Will Graduate Harvard Before High School

Oct 3, 2016

14-year-old Braxton Moral of Ulysses
Credit KSN

A Ulysses, Kansas, teen has been carrying a pretty impressive load, reports

Fourteen-year-old Braxton Moral has been maintaining his regular high school duties while attending Harvard University online. He’s on pace to graduate from both schools before he’s 18. Braxton was determined to be gifted in the first grade. By third grade, he found that school had ceased to challenge him. Julie Moral, Braxton’s mother, said he became very depressed. Because he was only nine years old, the local community college wouldn’t let him in. So, he decided to apply to Harvard.

If Braxton stays on track, he’ll receive his Ivy League undergraduate degree a week before he graduates from high school. “I was thinking the other day about how surreal that actual day will be,” he said. “But it’ll be a fun experience.”