Texas leads the nation in anti-LGBT legislation

Jun 28, 2017

Credit rainbow / Wikimedia Commons

The Texas Legislature will meet next month in a special session, and LGBT advocates are gearing up for battle once again.

As The San Antonio Current reports, champions of LGBT rights have already named the 2017 Texas legislative session “The Session of Oppression.”

This year, Texas lawmakers proposed more anti-gay and anti-trans bills than ever before. In a year when 130 anti-LGBT bills were pitched nationwide, Texas led the nation in such legislation.

The crown jewel in the Texas anti-LGBT crown, as it were, is the so-called “bathroom bill.” The measure has become a darling of far-right conservatives in the Lone Star State, with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick leading the charge. Patrick hopes to seal the deal in the special session.

If Patrick has his way, trans students across Texas will soon be legally obligated to use the bathroom that matches their birth certificate, rather than the bathroom where they feel most comfortable.