TUNED IN: Get Your Fall Read On

Aug 9, 2019

  HPPR's Radio Readers Book Club's 2019 Fall Read began this week. The new theme is "Navigating Uncharted Waters — Past, Present, & Future." We’ll be exploring the ways in which our childhood and life experiences inform our worldviews. Are we products of nature or nurture? Many intriguing questions will be explored.

BookBytes can be heard weekdays at 7:45 a.m. (Central) during Morning Edition and again at 6:45 p.m. (Central) during All Things Considered.


Mark Your Calendars

Some of HPPR’s most popular weekend music shows will be broadcasting live from Garden City’s Tumbleweed Festival on Saturday, Aug. 24. Stay tuned to this space for details.


Facts to know and share from this week’s news on High Plains Public Radio and HPPR Connect:

> “Climate change, including increases in frequency and intensity of extremes, has adversely impacted food security and terrestrial ecosystems, as well as contributed to desertification and land degradation in many regions."  — Authors of a new report from the United Nations panel on climate change

READ MORE | To Slow Global Warming, U.N. Warns Agriculture Must Change

> “Students down there bring not only themselves but their friends and a presence that we hope is contributing — along with a lot of other things — to the environment and the vitality of those areas.”  — Steve Erwin, vice president of student life at Pittsburg State

READ MORE | Traditional To Bohemian: Three Kansas Universities Have Differing Visions For Student Housing

> “My questions will be pointed." — Senior Judge Kathyrn Vratil to KU lawyer 

READ MORE | Former Football Coach's Federal Lawsuit Against Kansas Athletics Will Move Forward

> "Given the state of Texas' track record where only about 3% of violations get fined, fines end up being 2 cents per pound of pollution. We're worried that we'll see another slap on the wrist that doesn't actually hold companies accountable.” — Luke Metzger, executive director of Environment Texas 

READ MORE | Texas Sues Exxon Mobil After Fire At Houston-Area Refinery


HPPR.org is your go-to spot for the latest news from the High Plains region, as well as our events, exclusives, and features. You’ll also find the latest national and international news. Here are this week’s TOP STORIES from our website.

  1. How Best To Snag And Destroy Bedbugs?

  2. Here's What We Know About The Victims In The El Paso Walmart Shooting

  3. New Kansas Broadband Map Shows Internet Accessibility, And The Areas Sans Service May Surprise You

  4. Kansas Officials Put Aetna On Deadline: You're Failing On Medicaid Contract

  5. Daylong Standoff In Cheyenne Wells Ends With Arrest, No Injuries

  6. 'Tragedy Averted': Texas Grandma Praised For Stopping Alleged Planned Mass Shooting

  7. Amarillo Artist's "Mass Givings" Aimed At Inspiring Others To Spread The Love

  8. The Disconnect Between Banning High-Capacity Magazines And Decreasing Deaths

  9. Can Texas Beat Back The Tide Of Wild Hogs?

  10. The Worst Day Fishing Is Better Than the Best Day at Work


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