Vietnam Veteran Recovers From COVID-19 After Five Weeks On A Ventilator

May 8, 2020
Originally published on May 8, 2020 3:48 pm

After five weeks on a ventilator, a Vietnam veteran with COVID-19 has been released from Methodist Richardson Medical Center.

Doctors and nurses lined the lobby of Methodist Richardson as 70-year-old James Turner was wheeled through on a stretcher, finally on his way home after seven weeks in the hospital.

With tears in his eyes, Turner clasped his hands as he was lifted into a medical transport van. Well-wishers serenaded him as they closed the doors.

In a video provided by Methodist Richardson, Turner's wife Kathy was at a loss for words. She's been separated from her husband of 41 years since he tested positive for COVID.

"Oh my God. I am just in awe of this day. I am in awe," she said. "I am just so happy and just so thrilled at all the caretakers."

She's thankful for the health care workers who she said not only cared for her husband, but her as well.

"They kept the hope going, and I'm so glad of that. They would tell me, 'Tomorrow will be better.' And that is very needed when you're going through what we're going through," she said. 

For those in a similar situation, Turner offered some advice. "Don't give up. Just keep pressing and just keep holding on."

James Turner was sent to a rehabilitation center to regain his strength.

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