Where the Boys Are: Amarillo Youth Choir & Vienna Boys Choir—This Saturday!

Oct 30, 2018

Katherine Stribling, Executive Director of the Amarillo Youth Choirs

Thanks so much to Katherine Stribling for stopping by HPPR Studios in Amarillo today to chat about this weekend's exciting concet. The Amarillo Youth Choirs will present the Vienna Boys Choir in concert on Saturday, November 3 at 8:00 p.m. The concert will be held at the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts and tickets are available online here.

The Vienna Boys Choir has not performed in the Texas Panhandle in over a decade and Amarillo Youth Choirs is proud to bring them back to the region for this one-night-only engagement. As a unique and special treat, the Amarillo Boy Concert Choir has been granted the opportunity to perform with the Vienna Boys Choir as the concert’s finale. This is highly unusual, as the Vienna Boys Choir typically does not allow for joint collaboration and special permission along with an audio audition had to be cleared for this to be a reality. The Amarillo Boy Choir has previously performed with the Vienna Boys Choir in Vienna in 2001 and is happy to have the opportunity again, this time at home.

Amarillo Youth Choirs began as the Amarillo Boys Choir in 1989 following demonstrated interest from the community during an Amarillo College summer camp. The Amarillo GirlS Choir was added in 2001 and has had a large membership in its lifetime. Amarillo Youth Choirs has had strong leadership and membership and continues today to be among the very few organizations able to maintain gender-specific choirs. Amarillo Youth Choirs currently has approximately 150 members; 36 members of the Amarillo Boys Choir will join the 24 members of the Vienna Boys Choir for their North American Tour stop in Amarillo.

The Vienna Boys Choir has been regarded as one of the finest vocal ensembles in the world for over five centuries. The boys range in age from 10 to 14 and hail from all backgrounds before residing at the choir’s school in Vienna. The choir as a whole has 100 members, but the current touring group has 24-26 voices. Approximately eleven weeks of the school year are devoted to touring, and each choir member sings about 80 concerts a year. For this concert, the group will be promoting a newly issued CD including Strauss For Ever, released in October.

For more information on Amarillo Youth Choirs, contact Katherine Stribling, Executive Director, at 806-372-1100 or by email. Their website is www.amayouthchoirs.org. For more information on Vienna Boys Choir, contact Kathryn King Media.