The Final Hour

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Kellen Ague-Kneeland reaches into the obscure depths of the Heavy Metal underground on his new show, The Final Hour. For the past two decades, Kellen has plunged into the nebulous world of extreme metal genres and returned from the edge bearing ancient spells and burning stone. 

Historically, this is music that once received limited distribution, was critically dismissed as “amateur,” and often got demonized (pun intended) by mainstream rock media. Now long established, Thrash, Doom, Death, and Black Metal bands continue to live on through a devout following, despite being often marginalized and misunderstood.

Behold and despair as you venture into The Final Hour—featuring the likes of Order From Chaos, Manilla Road, Beherit, Neurosis, Sadus, and more. Kellen will spotlight Metal’s most wanted (and feared), abandoned by the light of day and banished from commercial radio.

May the forsaken and forbidden rise from the beyond! The Final Hour is here!

To contact Kellen, send him an email, check out his show's Facebook, or send him a letter to: The Final Hour, c/o HPPR, 210 N. 7th Street, Garden City, KS, 67846. He looks forward to your feedback!

In case you missed The Final Hour this weekend, Kellen nailed the year 1980 to the wall with some medieval spikes. You have until July 10th to check it out on Radio Free America!

Today, I had a chance to ask the new host of a new show a lot of questions about a topic that I know very little about: METAL. I don't mean the conductive material; I mean the musical genre. While HPPR bids farewell to Kyle Borger's whimsical electro-pop showcase Magical Mixtape Hour, we welcome a dark spirit into the regional music programming mix.