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End of an Era

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An all time favorite from Herb's Carry Out

You get used to things always being there, maybe even take them for granted.  Things like snow at Christmas, Grandma sharing her wisdom no matter how old you are, Mom meeting you at the door when you pull in the drive, calling Dad when you have trouble with your car,  or driving to Herb's Carry Out for a burger and a piece of coconut cream pie.   Somehow, you're surprised when they are not.  November 21 will be the end of an era.  Herb's Carry Out, located on Kansas Avenue in Garden City, will be gone. 

Gary Whitehurst has owned and tended Herb's for the past 18 years.  "I prayed real hard about closing this place or staying open- maybe harder about staying open.  I figured if I'm not going to make enough money to pay myself then there's no reason to be here,"  Whitehurst said.  

The establishment was opened in 1963 by Herb Petrus, a former military cook.  It was the place to be when Whitehurst was in Junior High.  Students would walk across the street and buy burgers and candy for lunch.  Owning a restaurant was a lifelong dream for him.  As an adult, he would stop by for a grilled ham and cheese while out on his UPS route.  One day he and Petrus settled on a price, and hi dream was realized.  

Whitehurst wants people to remember Herb's with these words... sweet... fresh... quality.  During his watch, he has strived to hold to a high standard.  The beef is purchased locally, ground, and made into patties.  Pies are made each morning using Herb's recipe.  Gary uses his grandma's chocolate chip cookie recipe.  He wants the final line of this episode to be, "God bless everybody, and thank you for all the good years."