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Driverless Trucks, the Future of High Plains Highways?


Could driverless trucks soon be driving along High Plains highways?

It may be some time before driverless vehicles of any kind become a regularly occurring phenomenon in the High Plains region, but a recent “Washington Post” video offers a firsthand view into a driverless shipment of Budweiser beer from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

According to a “Business Insider” story Tuesday, Otto, a company owned by Uber, teamed up with Anheuser-Busch to deliver the beer 120 miles on I-25 in Colorado as a test of the technology, which still requires an onboard operator to maneuver the truck onto and off of exit ramps.

Otto is designing a system, according to the article, that could be retrofit to existing trucks, meaning the technology could make its way to the High Plains area any time.

According to “Slate,” the experiment provides a glimpse into the future of over-the-road trucking.