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Texas Offers Electric-Car Incentives—Unless You’re Buying a Tesla

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The State of Texas has revealed a program that offers incentives to residents who purchase or lease cars that use alternative fuels. This state is offering a $2,500 cash back deal two Texans who decide to buy green automobiles.

But now, as The Dallas Morning News reports, Texas car shoppers have been surprised to learn that the Tesla is not one of the automobiles for which the incentives are available. The Tesla Model 3 is now the most popular electric car in America.

The Texas alternative fuel incentive only applies to cars bought through dealerships, a rule that would exclude Tesla cars. Texas has a law disallowing direct sales of cars.

The state's 1,300 new car and truck dealerships have lobbied to maintain the law, though many lawmakers have called the rule antiquated. Tesla has been fighting to get the law changed in Texas.