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A Tornado History Lesson

David Drummond
David Drummond Photography


  The history of the tornado in Texas, 68 years ago an F5 tornado touched down in the northernmost part of the Texas Panhandle and tore a swath of destruction nearly 100 miles long. To date this is the only F5 to touch down in the Lone Star State however plenty of other storms have wreaked havoc across the state since.


Things have changes significantly since 1947, According to My Plainview  reporter Bartee Haile, “tornado” wasn’t  even a word back in the day. “The thinking behind this unwritten rule was that it would do more harm than good to issue ominous warnings of a possible twister.” Haile say’s.


Luckily, we now have an entire profession dedicated to the study and reporting of severe weather, as well as intricate systems in place to warn and protect the public.