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Sen. Gardner Tours Colorado's Camp Amache


 The National Park Service is considering taking steps to manage Camp Amache in Granada, Colorado and on Monday, Colo. Sen. Cory Gardner visited the site to get a feel for the private efforts that have allowed the site and the museum to be developed and maintained.

As The Prowers Journal reports, Gardner serves on the subcommittee for Public Lands, Forests and Mining, making him the ‘go-to’ representative in Washington, DC to help aid development of the project.

Camp Amache or Amache, also known as the Granada Relocation Center, was one of 10 centers constructed in the United States during World War II for the purpose of interning Japanese Americans and people of Japanese descent.

During Gardner’s tour of the site, Museum Curator John Hopper said the museum houses the largest private collection of Camp Amache memorabilia and artifacts in the country.

Gardner said he would be a cheerleader for the historical development of Amache.