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XCel Energy Offering Texas Customers $50 For Old Refrigerators


Through a new program, Texas Panhandle residents could get paid for their outdated refrigerators.

According to a press release from Xcel Energy, the utility giant has begun paying Texas customers $50 for old refrigerators and freezers.

The program is part of a Texas energy efficiency initiative that helps customers save money while “freeing up power resources to meet future growth.”

If your refrigerator is more than 10 years old, it’s likely that the appliance is draining far more electricity than is necessary.

“Refrigerators and freezers use a lot of electricity relative to other appliances,” explains Xcel spokesman Wes Reeves, “and newer units use half the amount of electricity as units sold more than a decade back.”

To encourage energy savings, Xcel will shell out fifty bucks for an old fridge—and they offer free in-home pick-up service. Donated refrigerators must be in working condition, and no more than two units per household will be accepted.