Isabelle Link


Isabelle Link

Isabelle Link comes to High Plains Public Radio from Amarillo College. She’s studying in the Mass Media program, specifically focusing on broadcast and journalism. With an expected graduation date of May 2020, her dream is to work in broadcast radio as a reporter or announcer. While in college, Isabelle has travelled with Student Media to Waco and Minneapolis for journalism competitions and conferences to hone her skills in her field. She won First Place at the Texas Community College Journalism competition for her radio feature with reporting from Baylor University. Isabelle was also the recipient of the Jerome McDonough Mass Communication Award for Outstanding Excellence Spring 2019. We’re thrilled she’s joined the HPPR team, assisting with regional news, promotions, and community outreach. 

For most students and their families, graduation is an unforgettable time of celebration. Reaching this crucial educational milestone during a pandemic? Well, that's something no one could easily forget. While we're hearing national stories about innovation in graduation, from drive-thru diploma delivery to socially-distanced ceremoies at a local drive-in, HPPR wants to know how YOUR cap-and-gown experience has been during the COVID-19 crisis.

Angie Haflich/HPPR

Xcel Energy is suspending disconnections to service to ensure people have uninterrupted power as communities and states deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a statement issued by the company on Sunday, Xcel will not be disconnecting residential customers’ electric services until further notice, to "help ensure people have the energy they need to power their homes and keep their families safe."