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Who’s Who in the Next Texas Governor Race


A recent piece in the Economist provides an outsider’s view of the players and dynamics of the Texas governor’s race. 

Greg Abbott has been in a wheelchair since an accident at the age of 26.  That has pushed him to outstrive his peers, first as a lawyer, next as a judge and then, since 2002, as his state’s attorney-general.

“Some politicians talk about having a steel spine,” he tells supporters; “I actually have one.”

Wendy Davis is much better known than Abbott.  State Senator Davis put on her pink sneakers in June and staged and 11-hour filibuster of an anti-abortion bill, and became an instant star.

The party “need[s] a face”, says Harold Cook, a Democratic strategist, and Ms Davis is “incredibly charismatic”. With her “national celebrity” she can raise the $40m or so she will need to compete, predicts Cook. 

The Texas Tribune reported State Sen. Wendy Davis, standing on the stage where she got her high school diploma more than 30 years ago, finally announced Thursday she is running for Texas governor.

Could there be a third candidate?  In a recent New York Times article, Debra Medina said she has received millions of dollars in pledges on the condition that she run for governor as an independent rather than continue her quest for the position of state comptroller.

With all the possibilities, one thing is for certain, the race to be the next governor of Texas will not be boring.