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New Ballot Measure Would Expand Strong Beer and Wine Sales in Oklahoma

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A group of Oklahomans is launching a petition drive to place an alcohol measure on the November election ballot, reports Public Radio Tulsa. The group is calling for the sale of strong beer and wine at Oklahoma’s grocery stores, gas stations and convenience stores.

The organization, known as Oklahomans for Modern Laws, filed an initiative petition last week with the Oklahoma secretary of state's office. Now it’s up to the attorney general to review the proposed language for the ballot initiative. If the A.G. approves, the group can begin gathering signatures.

Under current Oklahoma law, refrigerated beer sold at grocery stores and gas stations cannot exceed 3.2 percent alcohol content. This “three-two beer” has long been the bête noire Oklahoma’s drinkers. Currently, strong beer and wine can be sold only at liquor stores.