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Texas Secessionists Watch Eagerly as Brits Vote on Brexit,

Houston Chronicle

Today British citizens will go to the polls to decide whether to leave the European Union. The vote, as reported in The Houston Chronicle, has some Texas secessionists in a tizzy. Members of the faction would like to see a similar measure on the ballot in the Lone Star State.

Other recent secession movements abroad have also stirred interest for the Lone Star State to break away from the US. These include a Scottish independence vote in 2014 and rising calls for a vote in Spain's Catalonia region that same year. In May the Texas Nationalist Movement made national headlines when secession became an official topic of discussion at the Texas Republican Party’s convention.

TNM president Daniel Miller said a British decision to leave the EU would provide a “highly public first world example of people able to go to the polls and . . . determine if they want to stay in a union or leave one.”