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Website Provides a Fascinating Look at the Ghost Towns of West Texas

Barclay Gibson

While many towns in the Texas Panhandle have grown over the last century, others have dwindled in population, and some have been almost completely forgotten. The website texasescapes.com has a section dedicated to the ghost towns of the panhandle, where you can learn about the forgotten past of the LlanoEstacado.

Here you can investigate Tee Pee City, in Motley County, which was originally a trading post for buffalo hunters in the 1870s. You can also see photos of the magnificent abandoned courthouse in Stiles, Texas, or the crumbling schoolhouse in Sunshine Hill. Or, you can read about the oil boomtown Back City, site of a 1927 gusher that produced 6,000 barrels a day. Today, only the foundations of Back City are visible. 

Credit Keith Vaughn
Sunshine Hill Schoolhouse