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Oklahoma Women Earn 78 Percent of What Men Take In

Penn State/pennstatenews
Flickr Creative Commons

Oklahoma women working full time in 2014 earned about 78 percent of their male counterparts, reports NewsOK. The data comes from estimates by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. There was no improvement from last year’s ratio, which was also 78 percent. Oklahoma has a worse percentage than the nation overall. In the U.S., women's median weekly pay was about 82 percent of the pay for men.

Oklahoma’s ratio is much worse than at its peak in 2009, when the state’s women made 88 percent of what mean earned. The lowest ratio came in 1999, when the figure hit 68 percent.

The District of Columbia and Hawaii have the nation’s highest female-to-male earnings ratio among the states, at 96 and 92 percent respectively. Wyoming has the lowest, at 67 percent.