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People Of The Plains: I Lost Him In Afghanistan

Genaro and Paty Bedoy, shortly after the birth of their baby girl, Sophia.


Paty Bedoy had no idea her life would change after seeing her husband Genaro deploy for what would be his last time after being home for the birth of their daughter.

Her life took a dramatic turn after Genaro died in Afghanistan. A young married couple who were looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together had that cut short.

Although the sadness and devastation would get the best of her at times she knew she had to keep her head up for her months-old daughter.

This experience made her into the independent strong women she is today. She tells people never to go to sleep mad at your loved ones and to never treat strangers badly because you just never know what they have gone through.  

Advocating to never go to sleep mad at your husband and to never treat a stranger badly, for you just never know what they have gone through.

Seeing how she will never move on from this with a positive attitude is what we have loved about her. She deserves to be acknowledged for her struggles and accomplishments as a single mother and her story was needed to be told to let other widows know they are not alone and that it is okay to move forward but never forget.

Marisol Alarcon

My name is Marisol Alarcon, I am from Dumas TX. I am currently going to West Texas A&M University studying to get my bachelors for speech education grades 7-12. I am a wife and mother of a two-year-old.

I am hoping to continue my education to become a professor. I enjoy helping students and hope to inspire them to love to learn new things as I do.

I look forward to being able to make a change in students lives for the better as a teacher.

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My name is Rachel Hall, I am a student of West Texas A&M University working on a degree in Communication Studies with a minor in English. I plan to pursue a Master's degree in Library Science and follow a career path that allows me to work with books. 

My goal in this life is to glorify Jesus Christ with everything He's given me.

When I'm home I love to put puzzles together, read books, chase around my adorable Corgi, Titus, and watch The Office with my husband, Jeremy.

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Karlene Charles

My name is Karlene Charles. I am a junior at West Texas A&M University. Currently, I am majoring in Education (Fourth through Eighth grade English, Language Arts, and reading).

I work as a substitute for Dumas Independent School District, tutor at Amarillo College, and babysit after school.

I would like to someday become a teacher and hopefully make an impact in my students' life somehow or another by introducing them to different types of literature and new ideas.