Amarillo Elementary School and High Plains Food Bank Partner to Feed Refugees

Jul 13, 2016

Cara Young (far left), Pray Meh (left), Su Meh (middle), Lee Meh (right) and Mae Moh, look over an English-Burmese picture dictionary of various fruits and vegetables they hope to plant and harvest on the property of Margret Wills Elementary School. The project to create garden beds on the school property is due to a partnership between the school and The Garden at the High Plains Food Bank.
Credit Lauren Koski /

Wills Elementary in Amarillo has been harvesting produce alongside the brick buildings of the school. And now those fruits and vegetables are going to a good cause, reports The food will help refugee and low-income families feed their families. The program is part of a partnership with the High Plains Food Bank.

Justin Young, director of nutrition education at the food bank, recently held a community meeting at the school. Young said such meetings are crucial to understanding how much a community is willing to get involved in a project. He explained: “The goal would be to manage that space really responsibly and create a beautiful, sustainable asset to the park and to the school. Then we could get the potential for more land given to us if more people are interested.”

High Plains Food Bank has received a grant from Pantex to create garden beds throughout the city. The food bank has already installed gardens at Astoria Park Apartments, where refugees can grow their own food.