Colorado Tries Out Digital Driver's Licenses

Nov 18, 2016

Credit KDVR

Colorado residents may be changing the way they carry their driver’s licenses, according to KDVR.

The Centennial State is part of a pilot program that would make it one of the first states in the nation to offer a digital driver’s license. Colorado participants will download their license onto a mobile app.

When drivers are pulled over, they will simply show their smartphone to the officer. This will do away with the need to carry a card version in their purse or wallet, and save drivers who accidentally leave their license at home. As long as you have your phone on you, you have your license with you.

The program has already up and running in Iowa for some time now.

Officials stress that the digital licenses will be secure, requiring a PIN or fingerprint verification. The digital license is also much more difficult to forge than a traditional plastic ID.

One concern that should be addressed, however, is how drivers can access their license in the event that their phone dies.