High Plains Outdoors: One Wild Hog Hunt

Sep 24, 2019

Archery whitetail season is just around the corner and Luke has had his new Gearhead Bow out in quest of camp meat! 

In today's show, Luke tells of a hunt earlier in the week for wild hogs with his buddy Jeff Rice on Jeff's Buck and Bass Ranch, near Lake Fork in eastern Texas.

Luke and Jeff hunted a bit differently on this one. Rather than hunt from an enclosed stand on the ground or a tree stand, they simply set up a couple of folding camp chairs 25 yards from a corn feeder situated in a remote section of the ranch and waited the hogs out.

This setup was perfect for getting some very good video but required being very stealthy in order not to spook the hogs.

Luke passed on a good size boar about 175 pounds and opted for the perfect 'eater' hog, a smaller one weighing about 75 pounds.

This will make some great camp meat on upcoming deer hunts the next few weeks. 

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