High Plains Outdoors: Wild Pork Mexican Stew

Dec 28, 2018

Wild pork is plentiful during the winter months at Luke Clayton’s house and he puts it to use in various ways, but any lean meat - domestic or wild - will work with this recipe. 

Luke first learned how to prepare this tasty dish from a Mexican cook at a hunting camp down on the Texas/Mexico border back in the late 70s.

Rather than measure the cumin, salt, garlic, etc., Luke much prefers to taste test the stew as it cooks. Cumin is the predominate seasoning and it's important to use enough of it to give the dish it's "Mexican" taste.

Other than the meat, the recipe calls for poblano or Hatch green chilies, onion, carrots, celery, potatoes, tomatoes and the juice from a couple of limes. 
A piping hot bowl of this with a few flour or corn tortillas makes for a great winter-time meal.