Planning for Tomorrow: Small Scale Development Lecture in Amarillo

Oct 2, 2019

Amarillo’s own sustainability advocate Tim Ingalls of the Tecovas Foundation stopped by High Plains Morning to share more about a free lecture he’s co-hosting on the Small Scale Development Movement with Kevin Shepherd. It’s this Thursday, October 3rd from 7pm to 9pm at the Amarillo College Downtown Campus (1314 S. Polk, Amarillo). For more info, call Tim at 806-420-5288.

Here's a link to the FULL LECTURE

Below is a link to our full conversation, where he outlines the issues the lecture will address. 

MORE ABOUT THE LECTURE: One of the primary challenges facing city leaders across Texas is how to address growing infrastructure and service cost liabilities with limited resources. This challenge will only get harder as a result of recently passed legislation that caps property tax revenue and limits annexation.

The Tecovas Foundation is excited to be partnering with the Incremental Development Alliance to host a community presentation on fiscal analysis and how fiscal sustainability can be used as a common language to frame discussions and inform decisions on land use, infrastructure and economic development.

Our featured speaker, Kevin Shepherd, will share how his perspective on development changed after working with cities across the country during and after the 2008 recession, and why he believes it's critical for Texas communities to think differently about growth.

Kevin will highlight examples of how his firm is helping Texas cities like Bastrop, Pflugerville and Brownsville quantify and communicate their funding gap and proactively work toward a development pattern their citizens are willing and able to afford-- now and in the future. Finally, he will share the results of a preliminary property tax revenue/acre model and analysis his firm has completed for Amarillo in an effort to localize the conversation.

Join us for a free lecture by Kevin Shepherd, Founder of Verdunity. For more about this issue, visit Strong Towns.