Texas Businesses Leaders Fret Over Trump’s Hostility To NAFTA

May 20, 2018

Credit CC0 Creative Commons

Businesses in the Lone Star State are growing increasingly worried that President Trump's “America first” economic policies might do harm to trade between Texas and Mexico.

As the BBC reports, Texas industry leaders are worried that Trump’s hostility toward the North American Free Trade Agreement could cut into profits and lead to job losses.

Ray Brimble, the founder and boss of Texas-based logistics company Lynxs, says “If the president is serious about scrapping it, that would be a disaster for Texas.” Brimble calls NAFTA “one of the great trade agreements in the history of trade” and insists the deal has created a commercial ecosystem that has developed almost naturally.”

Sergio Rosas, chief executive and founder of Texan video games company CGbot, agrees. While his company is headquartered in Austin, CGbot has a large production studio in the Mexican city of Monterrey.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, recently attributed Texas’s low unemployment rate to “more than one million Texas jobs that depend on Nafta.”