Watch This Kansas Farmer Herd His Cows Into Fun Shapes

Mar 15, 2018

Derek Klingenberg's cow art taken from a drone and from outer space.

Derek Klingenberg of Peabody, Kansas is kind of a farmer celebrity. His Youtube channel which has over 70,000 subscribers, features everything from ag-themed pop-music parodies to trombone covers, but what really caught our attention was his cow art.

Tuesday, Klingenberg took his cow art to the next level, when he posted a video where he herded his cows to spell out the word “Hi,” and took a snapshot from outer space. 

Klinenberg started out making cow art two or three years ago, taking lower-altitude pics. He says he was originally just looking for some new tricks to do with his drone. (In one of his other videos, he appears to use a drone to catch a fish!)

Klingenberg saw that a company offers daily satellite images of the farms taken from miniature satellites. They’re marketed as giving farmers daily updates on the health of their crops, but Klingenberg saw beyond the potential practical applications -- he realized the service could be used to capture a pic of his cow-art from space.

When we asked Klingenberg what he has planned next, he wasn’t sure.

“My brain changes fast,” he said.

Regardless, we’re stoked to see what his creative brain comes up with!