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Open Range
Saturdays at 6 PM CT on HPPR; Sundays at 12 AM CT on HPPR.

Open Range could bring to mind images of campfires, cowboys, wide open spaces, and endless skies… but here on HPPR, it means the freedom to roam musical airwaves without boundaries or fences. Wherever you find yourself, it's the perfect companion. High Plains Public Radio's own Stephen Johnson weaves music as diverse as the colors of a tapestry into a beautiful soundtrack. The pallet could have the shades of classic Ella Fitzgerald, the hues of contemporary soulful Amanda Marshall, tints of poet Lyle Lovett, the rugged dyes of Bruce Springsteen, or perhaps even the soft watercolor twang of Hank Thompson. Open Range has one guiding thread, and that is great music. (Encore presentation of previous week's show JUST ADDED on HPPR! Tune in Saturdays at midnight — well, Sunday at 12 AM — to hear the rebroadcast.)

Questions? Contact Stephen Johnson.

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