Radio Readers BookByte: Cognitive Revolution

Nov 1, 2019
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When I started with Yuval Noah Harari’s Homo Deus, I expected to jog along with a fun and clever assessment of human history and its near future as a cyborg-like merger of human and computer.

But I had trouble early on.

Radio Readers BookByte: Heavy Topics

Oct 23, 2019

Hello, everyone.  I am Richard Brookman the Consultant for Southwest Kansas Library System and the owner and co-host of the podcast ComicPop Library.

In today’s Radio Reader BookByte, I am going to be discussing Yuval Noah Harari’s book entitled Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, published by Harper in 2017.  An interesting point for this book is that it’s first edition was published, in Israel, in 2015.

Ralph Barrera / Austin American-Statesman

The Texas Board of Education has signed off on a state curriculum that challenges the teaching of evolution in the classroom.

As The Austin American Statesman reports, Republicans on the board voted to put language back into the state science curriculum that challenges the validity of evolution.

Kelly Caminero / The Daily Beast

It could soon be illegal to teach Creationism in Texas public schools.

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Another year brings another attempt to get evolution out of the classroom in Oklahoma, reports Slate’s education blog. State Sen. Josh Brecheen has been working tirelessly to promote creationism. Every year since his election in 2010, Brecheen has authored legislation aimed at skirting nearly three decades of court decisions that prohibit teaching creationism in public schools.