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Smothered Wild Pork Steaks

Luke Clayton

Another of my favorite recipes for wild pork is what I call “smothered” pork steaks. This is pretty basic country looking but is it ever mouth-watering good!

If the ham steaks I am using are from a larger hog, I use my meat tenderizer but with the slow cooking method, even the tougher cuts of meat usually become fork tender.

I sometimes use steaks from the back straps and these require no tenderizing other than a little time in the skillet. 

Begin by dusting your steaks with your favorite seasonings, this can be anything from salt and pepper to pre blended spices. I place them into a gallon freezer bag with some Louisiana hot sauce (this will add a little extra flavor, and also make the steaks moist so that the flour will adhere) . Dust the moist steaks with flour and drop into a big cast iron skillet and brown on both sides. Drain the majority of the oil and toss in a chopped onion; continue cooking a few more minutes until the onion is translucent. Now, add a large can of cream of mushroom soup, fill the empty can with hot water and pour that in. Stir until the soup, water and steaks are well mixed. If you really like mushrooms, toss in a hand full of fresh mushrooms at this point. Now, put the lid on your skillet and turn the heat down to very low. Let the steaks slow simmer for about 45 minutes, stirring occasionally and checking to make sure there is plenty of liquid to avoid scorching. When the pork steaks are fork tender, I remove them and cut them into bite size pieces and return them to the mix. Now, I add a cup of rice and an additional cup of water and bring everything back up to a low boil. Reduce heat and cook rice 20 minutes. Turn off the heat and  allow the flavors to blend for thirty minutes or so. This is an awesome one skillet meal that is just as easy to cook!   

Outdoors writer, radio host and book author Luke Clayton has been addicted to everything outdoors related since his childhood when he grew up hunting and fishing in rural northeast Texas. Luke pens a weekly newspaper column that appears in over thirty newspapers.