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Each Year, Texas Rejects Thousands Of Political And Racy Vanity-Plate Designs

Eric T Gunther
Wikimedia Commons

Last year, Texas rejected almost 2,500 vanity license plates that violated approval guidelines. As The Fort Worth Star-Telegramreports, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles turned down the requests for a variety of reasons, including messages that were too political or too sexy.

Some of the requested messages that ran afoul of political guidelines included plates reading NOTRUMP, NOBAMA, and N2TRUMP.

Messages that were deemed too racy included plates reading PORNSTR, DATBUTT and SEXDRIV.

And then some plates were rejected by the state for simply being too aggressive or random. These include plates reading YO*MAMMA, RDNECK and YOURMOM.

However, the state does offer an appeals process for residents who have their plate ideas rejected. But get ready to wait—the appeals turnaround time can take up to three months.