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Amarillo Animal Shelter’s New Proposal Could Result In Increased Euthanasia


Amarillo’s animal welfare office may soon change the period they’ll hold stray animals from three days to two days, reports the Amarillo Globe-News.

The new ordinance would mean that more animals may be euthanized. That’s because rescuers would have one less day to claim stray animals before they’re put down.

Jill Humphrey, a local foster parent for at-risk animals, told the Globe-News that rescuers sometimes need a little extra time to find someone to adopt an animal—especially when potential foster parents come from out of state. Humphrey called the proposed new ordinance “an insult” to rescue groups.

Humphrey would like to see Amarillo move toward a “no-kill” system, but animal welfare director Richard Havens said such a move would require more help from the community, with more people spaying and neutering, and more adoptions.