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City of Amarillo To Disband Homeless Tent Camp

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A tent city of homeless campers in Amarillo was told last week that they must once again shut down their camp and go elsewhere.

As KFDA reports, the Christ Church Camp must disband by the end of this week or the city of Amarillo will begin fining the camp’s homeless residents $2,000 a day for being on the site.

Amanda Hunter, the camp’s founder, said the city had told the campers of a city ordinance stating that homeless people “cannot camp for more than 72 hours at a time within the city of Amarillo.”

City officials say they hope to find a long-term solution. In a town hall meeting last week, homeless advocates and Amarillo residents spoke out against the disbanding of the homeless camp. The camp’s residents insisted their hope for a solution remains strong, despite the prospect of their tent camp being bulldozed.