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Fight Hunger, Spark Change: High Plains Food Bank Campaign Needs YOU!


Thank you so much to Tina Brohlin of High Plains Food Bank for coming on High Plains Morning today to share information about their 6th Annual “Fight Hunger, Spark Change” campaign that's going on now through May 20th. The campaign kicked off Monday, April 22nd with an initial $3 million donation from Walmart to Feeding America. The national campaign goal is to reach 1 billion cumulative meals this year; the FHSC campaign has secured 749 meals to date, coming in to our 6th year...AND, there is a very significant grassroots, local impact!

Local Impact:

  • Each Walmart and Sam’s Club is tied to at least one of the 200 local Feeding America member food banks where donations will be sent!
    • This meant $62,000 for High Plains Food Bank in 2018, which allowed us to distribute 248,000 meals to local families in need
  • All donations made in stores and clubs from the sale of participating items and at the register will be made on behalf of Feeding America member food banks and will stay in the communities serviced by those food banks. Online purchases and donations go to the national campaign to be distributed through the Feeding America network.

Take Action – “A small action can have a big impact.”

  • Purchase participating items in-store, in-club (or online to donate – the online donations go the national campaign, while in-store actions stay in that community)
  • Donate any dollar amount at checkout in stores and clubs at the register! The screen will pop up at self-checkout, and associates should ask at the casher line. If they don’t, let them know that you want to make a donation to #FightHunger.
  • Spread the word through social, using #FightHunger, @mention Walmart, Sam’s and your local food bank, etc.

Hunger in Context: 1 in 8 Americans still struggle with hunger, and that number in larger in our area, where 1 in 7 face food insecurity

Track the campaign progress and get more details at www.walmart.com/fighthunger

To get in touch with Tina Brohlin, Communications & Marketing Manager at High Plains Food Bank, call her at 806.350.1435 or send her an email. The food bank is located at 815 Ross St., Amarillo, TX 79102. 

Hear our full interview here:

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